Profile Elements

Developing Your School Profile is essential.  What does the school profile do?  It guides the reader to best understand a student’s academic record.  Each educational institution holds proud its unique traits and these traits frame the student’s individual academic record.

Main School Characteristics

Introductory paragraph - Your school characteristics define the uniqueness of your academic community.  While each school holds similar components, it is imperative to have the key characteristics of your school noted in your school profile.

Characteristics Example
School Administration and Relevant Contacts Principal,Assistant/Vice Principal/Headmaster, Counseling Team, Support Staff
School Demographics and Location Urban, suburban or rural setting.  Access to resources outside of the school setting.
Specific Curriculum IB, Smaller Learning Schools,Specialized Curriculum, AP
Academic Grading Policies Ranking, weighted/unweightedcoursework, grade distribution
Statistical Data National data, API, STAR, SAT,ACT, AP/IB participation and pass rate
Post Graduate Data College (2/4 year) attendance,post graduate plans, historical school matriculation data
School Based Programs Extracurricular activities, clubs,school organizations, affiliations with outside sources